Work Days Announced to Help Local Family Farm After Tragic Accident


Hello local food enthusiasts,

Here’s a quick update on the Holley family: Daniel has been admitted to the Davis Hospital and is being cared for by their burn center for the next 6 weeks. Rob and Anna are home safe. This tragedy has brought together the community in many ways with donations of time, materials, and equipment. However, a lot of needs still need to be met, of which one of them is help on the farm.

To stay on top of the weekly harvest, a series of whole-day harvest work parties have been organized by Amber Sallaberry for the next 4 Thursdays beginning at 9 am at the Holley Family Farm.

If you would like to put in a day’s worth of time, please RSVP to with the date of your choice and a second alternative:

  • August 23rd
  • August 30th
  • September 6th
  • September 13th

Let her know soon, because each work day is limited to 15 people max. She is also organizing carpooling options.  Please bring gloves, sun protection, water, and a potluck dish to share for lunch.

If you can’t donate time, monetary donations as little as $5 are still accepted: or call Wells Fargo (local 775-784-7800) and tell them you wish to donate to the Holley Family Farms Donation Fund account number 815083344.  Wendy Baroli is handling all other donations:

So far the community has raised over $3,500,  that’s a great start!  Thank you all so much for helping a local farmer’s family!



Local Food Network
Reno, Nevada