Words from Wendy: Summer 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

Welcome to April, everyone! Spring is officially here, by the calendar and by our gardens.

I always find it amazing how spring comes so fast. You wake up one morning, and instead of silence, you hear birds chipping away. In our gardens, the bulbs start to emerge, and soon there are crocus, daffodils and hyacinths blooming everywhere. What a beautiful time of year, now if we could just get some of those wonderful April showers to help with our drought. I want to dance in the rain this year! Please…

Out of the garden and into the office, all I can say is it has been busy… The new MG Program Advisory Council (MG PAC) has been very busy updating MGs on the activities of the Legislature and County Commissioner meetings. They have also been helping me to make decisions and discuss ideas about the program’s future. Please remember this is a team of your peers and they want to hear from you with suggestions, concerns and ideas.

With the season’s change, you will also start to see the effects of the 73% budget cuts scheduled two years ago. Dr. Susan Donaldson will be leaving us this May and I will be changing my schedule. As of July 1, 2013, I will only have offices in Washoe and Douglas Counties. We will also be changing our MG t-shirts to county-specific distinctions and adding the county’s logo to the sleeve. This is to show our connection to our local counties and to thank them for their continued support of the Master Gardener program. We will be looking into creating a new MG logo with the help of UNR business students.

With everything else happening, the gardeners are getting busy too. Our phones are starting to ring and we are going to need your help in the Reno office. In May, we plan to purchase advertising space in our local paper to promote our services. We will need MGs in our office to answer the incoming calls. We will be offering training classes for anyone needing a refresher.

Happy Gardening ‘till next time.