Words from Wendy: Spring 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to 2013. I am an optimist (I am a northern Nevada gardener, after all!) and, while others may find the number 13 unlucky, I hope this year will be one of happy, lucky surprises.

As we begin 2013, I need your help to show our community our 2012 accomplishments. It is critical that we record each Master Gardner volunteer hour and provide those numbers, through my January reports, to UNCE, county, state and federal officials.

Every hour of volunteer time is given a dollar figure and is used to illustrate how much money volunteers like you save. With a 73% budget cut affecting UNCE this year, (unless the Nevada legislature steps in), it is especially important this year to let our community know everything UNCE Master Gardener volunteers provide.

In 2005, the USDA conducted a survey of Master Gardener programs throughout the United States. Their findings showed that there are “more than 1,000 active programs in all 50 states and four Canadian provinces,” and Master Gardener volunteers staffing booths at community gatherings assisted over 1.2 million clients.  We would like to be able to tell our community how many hours were volunteered in 2012 and how many lives we touched through booths, phone calls and emails. But, we need your help to do this!

If you have not entered all of your hours into the volunteer management system (https://nevada.volunteersystem.org), please do so by January 25. Fellow volunteers are available to help you enter hours if needed.

I can never say thank you enough for everything you do, but I can say that from being the Coordinator of this program for over 12 years now, I am very lucky to work with such wonderful people. A person who is willing to share  knowledge of gardening and who is willing help others to learn to garden, is a gift.

Happy Gardening!