Sixty-eight cents a week creates more than $100 million of economic growth in Nevada



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Jeff Sutich
International Marketing Coordinator

Buying local food helps to stimulate the state economy

Agri600Mission(4)Sparks, NV– Nevada’s three million people will spend approximately $10.3 billion on food this year. By shifting one percent of what is normally spent on food to purchases from farmers market, restaurants, that serve locally grown products, and the locally grown food section of grocery stores, Nevadans can put $103 million back into their economy.

According to United States Census data, the average per capita disposable income each year in Nevada is $33,536. If every Nevadan spends $37.89 a year on local agriculture purchases, more than $100 million will stay within Nevada’s economy.

This spending amounts to only 68 cents each week. In addition to putting money back into the state, Nevadans’ contribution can also create more than 1,000 new jobs (based off of figures used in the 2008 Civic Economics study for Michigan).

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and NevadaGrown, a local non-profit organization, support local food purchases for their economic and health benefits.

“Most people support efforts that stimulate our state economy and purchasing local food is an easy way to accomplish that,” said Jeff Sutich, International Marketing coordinator for the NDA. “Aside from the economic benefits, the taste and health benefits associated with eating food locally grown or raised in Nevada merit the shift of 68 cents a week from non-local food purchases to locally grown ones.”

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About the Nevada Department of Agriculture

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) promotes sustainable agriculture and natural resources, which work to protect food, fiber, human health and safety and environment through effective service, regulatory action and agricultural literacy. The NDA was established in 1915 by Chapter 561 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. It includes the regulatory divisions of Administration, Animal Industry, Measurement Standards and Plant Industry. For more information about the NDA, visit

About NevadaGrown

NevadaGrown_Logo_op_640x849NevadaGrown is a non-profit Nevada corporation whose purpose is to enhance the viability of Nevada’s farms, to maintain the states’ rural heritage and open spaces, to help protect the environment and to sustain local economies through promotion of Nevada agricultural products and education of the public on the importance of local food security. For more information about NevadaGrown, visit