Seeds vs. Starts: Planning and planting the garden- Spring 2014 Master Gardener Newsletter

Seeds vs. Starts
Seeds vs. Starts

Did you know that all previous Grow Your Own, Nevada! class presentations are available online? They can be viewed at no cost on internet-connected computers, phones, tablets and other devices from anywhere in the world, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

This winter when you want to go outside and garden, but it’s too cold to do so, check out the “Seeds vs. Starts: planning and planting the garden” presentation by Heidi Kratsch. You’ll explore answers to questions like:

  • What vegetables will you plant this growing season?
  • Which varieties will you choose to grow?
  • How will you arrange your garden?
  • When should you start your garden preparations?
  • How should you space your plants?
  • Should you use seeds or transplants?
  • Will you have a conventional garden or a “deep” organic one?

Simply visit the presentation webpage to take advantage of this educational opportunity.