How do I protect my hands when working with pesticides?

When mixing, loading and applying pesticides, it is important to wear protective gear. Read the pesticide label to discover the minimum protective equipment recommended. Even if a label does not call for the use of gloves, it is a good idea to wear them. Gloves to be worn while working with pesticides should have the following characteristics:

  • waterproof
  • chemical-resistant
  • unlined
  • made of butyl, nitrile or neoprene rubber, natural rubber, polyethylene plastics or polyvinyl chloride.
  • NOT made of cotton, leather, canvas or other absorbent materials.

Avoid wearing latex or gardening gloves while working with pesticides. Remember thicker, well-fitted gloves offer the best protection. For more information, read University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Carson City/Storey County Extension Educator JoAnne Skelly’s article “Glove Selection for Working with Pesticides.”