Petition to Support UNR Main Station Farm and Wolf Pack Meats Announced


Supporters of the UNR Main Station Farm have another way to express their opinion about the rezoning of its farmland– a petition!

This petition sends one pro-UNR Main Station Farm email for each signature it receives to city council and Board of Regents members, the Chancellor, state legislative representatives and congressional members.

Supporters of the petition have great hopes for its potential. One such supporter distributed an email which read, “The unique part of this is that it can become a national cry to protect farmland! Take it and run with it –send it to everyone you know! This is a state concern, but many people in the food movement will identify, including those that are against developing open space.”

This anonymous petition-supporter advised all UNR Main Station Farm lovers to reach out to protect it by talking to those interested in local food (such as 4-H clubs, FFA groups and county USDA offices) as well as those who may not be interested. “Please think horizontal in terms of your contact lists,” they say, “bookclubs, dinnerclubs, your gym, daycare friends… This is not about who you think might be interested. It is a way to get everyone to become interested. Don’t be afraid to ask as it is vital we get as many signatures as possible.”