Paid Internship: Sustainable Business Development


Summer:  July 2  –  August  10 

Fall Semester

Hungry Mother Organics is looking for motivated students and/ or new graduates to participate in a unique paid internship opportunity at UNR. Get dirty, get lean and go green. Be part of a start-up sustainable farming operation that will grow food for UNR students this year and will contribute to a leaner and greener  campus for years to come.  Must be able and willing to work hard, apply yourself, and  contribute to a team effort .

2-3 Positions:

Business Planning and Marketing                            

Engineering and Design

Vegetable Production and post- harvest handling

All interns will contribute their skills, talents and education to the planning and execution of a small start-up produce company located at the Valley Road Experiment Station. The team will be responsible for research, planning  and actual development of an agricultural operation that will recycle waste and grow fresh local produce for fellow students .  Approximately half of time commitment will require participation in manual labor including construction, maintenance or operations of greenhouse/hoophouse vegetable production.

Minimum requirements:

  • Six week commitment (Summer : 25 -40 hours per week. Fall: 15-20 hours per week. )
  • Willing and physically able to engage in  manual labor and/ or general office labor for half of time commitment
  • Graduate student, recent grad, or senior level UNR student.
    • Business,  engineering , agricultural or relate science preferred.
  • Have skills, work experience or demonstrated interest in one or more of the following:
    • Agricultural production
    • Gardening, horticulture or landscaping
    • Field biology, water resources, wildlife
    • Engineering, mechanics, building trades
    • Social Marketing, web or graphic design

Please send only serious inquiries with resume to: