Is the new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map accurate?

The new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is based on the average minimum temperatures for a zone and not the lowest temperature a zone can and does experience. Some gardeners may find that in their growing area, the zone assigned by this map is inaccurate due to extreme high and low temperatures skewing the average minimum temperature or due to microclimates which are too small to appear on the map. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension will be happy to help you decide which plants will grow well in your corner of Nevada– simply give us a call! Our years of gardening experience, education and training are at your service. A list of ouroffices and their contact information is available on our website. To read about our Carson City/Storey County Extension Educator JoAnne Skelly’s experiences with the new map, read her article “The New USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map Yippee!”