Michael’s Apples Releases September 2014 Fruit Tree Care and Gardening Newsletter



Michael's ApplesWestern Nevada College is sponsoring a workshop on Building Healthy Soils in Carson City on Sept 22, 9am to 3:30 pm including a tour of Holly Family Farms in Dayton. For more details, go to:
I’ll see you there.

Grow Your Own Nevada is presenting Discover the Secrets to High Desert Gardening at the Reno Cooperative Extension office from Sept 9 -25, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm. For all the info, go to:
www.growyourownnevada.com and look under News and Events and/or Classes and Services.

The National Heirloom Exhibition of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and farm animals is being held in Santa Rosa, CA, September 9,10, and 11. I went last year with Pawl Hollis and Randy Robison and we were all awed by the vast array of varieties of everything edible. The pyramid of gourds is amazing until you see the pyramid of melons! Worth the trip and price of admission just to stroll around and look. For more info, go to: http://www.theheirloomexpo.com.

For those of you who would like to taste many different varieties of apples and other fruits, you might want to plan a trip over the hill to Placerville or Sebastopol. The Sebastopol area has several orchards and roadside stands with Gravensteins (the area specialty) and several other varieties of apples. The Sebastopol crop ripens early but should still have apples now; try www.kozlowskifarms.com for more info. The town also hosts a cider maker www.acecider.com.

In September and October, join the crowd (hordes on weekends) at Apple Hill near Placerville. Numerous orchards have pies, cider (fresh juice), lunches, and many varieties of apples. The larger places stand out, but try some of the smaller growers on the back roads. If you’re able to get away on a weekday, you will avoid the crowds, but Apple Hill is a worthwhile trip even on a Saturday or Sunday. For more info, go to www.applehill.com.

Check your soil moisture; cooler temperatures mean less evaporation and transpiration, so adjust watering time/volume accordingly. For those readers who have lawns, fertilize in mid September to help grass promote root growth for the winter. The best way to limit future codling moth damage is to remove fallen, damaged apples a soon as possible after they fall. So, rake up those fallen apples a couple of times a week and dispose of or compost them.

This year, I have a fair sampling of apples in PV and the two apple trees in Reno are loaded. My 5 yr old President and Empress plums in Reno have good crops of about 3 dozen plums on each. Raspberries in PV are loaded this year. Tomatoes are finally ripening. Everything else, fair to good.

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and are enjoying a good harvest.

Michael revised 9/7/2014