Grow Your Own, Nevada! Fall 2011: “Getting Started”

Class Date and Time: September 20, 2011, 6-8 p.m.

Class Locations: Carson City, Duck Valley, Elko, Ely, Fallon, Lovelock, Reno, Tonopah, Winnemucca, Yerington.

Class Description: “Getting Started” is the first class in the Grow Your Own! series. The class instructor is Dr. Heidi Kratsch, UNCE’s Western Area Horticulture Specialist and author of Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West.

This class will go over site location and planning, what to grow, cultivar selection, planting dates and three-season gardening. It is an excellent get-your-feet wet class for the beginning gardener and a good review class for seasoned gardeners.

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