Gardening Education You Need

If you haven’t started already, now is the time to begin planning your garden for the growing season. You’ve probably already begun receiving plant and seed catalogs in the mail and if you are anything like me, you’re getting the gardening itch. Though as you peruse the catalogs, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for edible and landscape plants.

apple tree blossoms
Gardening in Nevada offers classes on apple varieties that grow well in Nevada’s high-desert climate and have beautiful spring blossoms. Photo by Wendy Hanson Mazet, Cooperative Extension.

Maybe you want to try some new varieties for your vegetable garden this year, or last year you struggled to have a successful garden and want to learn the tricks to growing in Nevada. Whatever it is you need, Cooperate Extension has many science-based gardening classes you can attend this spring.

From the free Gardening in Nevada series at Bartley Ranch Regional Park to Grow Your Own, Nevada! in April, you can learn which plants to select from your numerous catalogs and how to successfully garden in our high-desert climate.

Gardening in Nevada is offered on Tuesday evenings in February and March and covers edible gardening to ornamental landscaping. During this dormant season, you will have the opportunity to learn about fruit trees, from selecting good varieties for northern Nevada to training and pruning. You will also learn tips and tricks of successful vegetable gardening, in advance of the growing season.  

Looking to add texture, color and form to your landscape this spring? Learn which succulent varieties handle our harsh winters. Also, attend a class on container gardening, learning to use your space more effectively and growing plants that wouldn’t otherwise survive in our native soils. If you enjoy growing in the ground, learn about Nevada’s soils and how to compost, growing your own soil amendment to improve your plants’ appearance and crop yield.

After attending Gardening in Nevada, you will be ready to select seeds and plants from your numerous catalogs. If you need further information on growing in Nevada, you can attend Grow Your Own, Nevada! in April.

Grow Your Own, Nevada! is offered statewide twice a year, in spring and fall, and provides classes to help Nevadans successfully grow their own food. Attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in April to learn about season extension, nuisance weeds in the vegetable garden, Nevada’s bugs and more.

These classes were designed just for people like you, passionate about gardening and eager to yield a delicious crop and master a beautiful landscape.  

How do you register? Visit for a complete list of horticulture classes and registration information. No need to register for Gardening in Nevada; just show up to the Ranch House at Bartley Ranch Regional Park for the classes you want to attend.

Gardening in Nevada isn’t hard if you have the education you need to be successful. Hope to see you soon!

Jenn Fisher is the Commercial Horticulture Program coordinator with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. Learn more about upcoming education opportunities at Gardening questions? Contact a Master Gardener at 775-336-0265 or