My Favorite Gardening Tool: Spring 2014 Master Gardener Newsletter

By Master Gardener Christy Chamberlain

  • Item– 2do: Tasks Done in Style
  • Item cost– $9.99
  • Where to buy– Apple’s App Store

Why it’s awesome– I use this app for keeping track of everything I need and want to get done. I have separate lists for housekeeping, errands, yard work, fitness – you name it, the app can help manage it. For gardening, I have created checklists for the various seasonal tasks like pruning and fall and spring cleanup. Tasks can be set to recur at whatever interval is needed, so during the summer I can set reminders that appear in my overall task list, which provides a good overview of what needs to be done in a given week or month. I can also add notes, attach pictures, or include website or contact information for each item.

The screen shots are of my “Yard” checklist. I have the app on my phone and my tablet, and have appreciated having a quick, convenient reference and the ability to make note of relevant details while I’m working – and, in several cases, to refer to what worked, or didn’t, or if a plant has already been pruned during the current season.