Do you really know what’s in your food?


Do you really know what’s in your food?

Would you like to see your food labeled to identify genetically modified ingredients?

Over eighty percent of processed foods sold in grocery stores contain at least one genetically engineered ingredient (GMO). Consumers have a right to know if there are GMO ingredients in their food, just as they have a right to know if there is sugar, soy, wheat, nuts, saturated fat, dairy, salt or any other ingredients they may have reasons to avoid.

LABEL GMO NEVADA (and their 2000+ individual members) is working to provide Nevada consumers with that information through a bill introduced at the 2013 legislature. This bill, BDR 955, would give Nevada consumers the right to know if genetically modified organisms are in our food, and to be able to make informed decisions when purchasing food for our families.

In less than 2 weeks BDR 955 will be in committee, at which time we’ll need a number of volunteers, both from Northern and Southern Nevada, to help in many different ways. To volunteer, please contact Kiki Corbin at

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