Moana Nursery Landscaping announces completion of largest green wall in northern Nevada


Photo courtesy of Moana NurseryRENO, Nev. – Moana Nursery Landscaping recently completed construction on the largest known green wall in northern Nevada. The 400 square foot wall is the focal point of the atrium in the new Schluter-Systems Training & Distribution facility, which just received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council. Green walls (also referred to as living walls, biowalls, or vertical gardens) are made up of self-sufficient vegetation that is attached to a wall, which can either be free-standing or part of a building. They differ from green façades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants are rooted in the wall instead of the ground.

Moana began work on this collaborative project seven months ago with Schluter-Systems’ management team, Cathexes Architect James Molder, and the Miles Construction team, headed up by Cary Richardson and Frank Maxim. The green wall is 20 feet tall by 20 feet wide and contains 225 plants, a mixture of philodendrons and n’joy pothos, which are watered by an automatic drip irrigation system. A glass waterfall breaks up the design, adding an aural element to the visually stunning wall.

“We built our first green roof in 2006, and had been experimenting with green walls for about 3 years when the opportunity finally arose to build a wall of real significance,” said Scott Gescheider, Moana’s Landscape General Manager. “There are so many ways to design and install a green wall, and much of the design depends on the goals of the owners and the available space. The Schluter team provided us a great vision as well as specific desires, such as low maintenance, modern, and flexible. With their direction we were easily able to design a wall appropriate for their facility.”

Miles Construction built and waterproofed the wall using Schluter’s Kerdi-Board product. “The additional weight of the vegetation makes the structural engineering a very important step. Miles provided us an excellent canvas and great structural support for the green wall,” said Gescheider.

Green walls have become more popular in the past five years, particularly in business and urban settings. In addition to being a unique way to bring the outside indoors, green infrastructure acts as a bio-filter for air and water pollutants and can be a cost-efficient way to reduce energy usage.

“Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also a very unique and versatile design feature. Green walls are so easily customized, and can be made to work for almost any space, that the possibilities are endless,” said Dawn Donavan, Moana’s LEED-AP Planning & Design Manager on the project. “Green walls can be placed indoors or out, in a home or office, and the plants can be interchangeable to allow for different seasonal looks. They can be used as a subtle accent, as an over-the-top centerpiece, or even as an interior garden to bring color inside for the fall and winter.”

Schluter-Systems’ training and distribution facility is located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, at 300 Germany Court. Moana Landscaping offers green wall design and installation for residential and commercial spaces.

“It comes down to what the client is looking for. We can create a green wall in a variety of designs for almost any environment,” said Donovan.

Moana Nursery is offering a free educational green wall seminar, led by Gescheider and Donovan, on Saturday, October 22nd at 10 a.m., at the Moana Lane Garden Center. For more information call 775-825-0602, ext. 134 or visit

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