Activities for Spring

Although Invasive Species Awareness week has past, it is now Wildfire Awareness week (May 1-8). However, these two weeklong events do connect, because eliminating medusahead, a noxious weed, can reduce wildfire risk around homes and communities. This aggressive plant starts growing in the winter and can reach 6 to 24 inches tall. It flowers and goes to seed by May or June. Sometimes it is confused with foxtail barley or squirreltail. It’s one of the few plants that can crowd out cheatgrass. Medusahead alters natural fire frequency and allows more intense fires to happen more frequently.  If you spot medusahead, please note its location. Report the sighting to 887-2252 or We will send someone out to verify identification and map it.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (CE) has a number of classes coming up. On Tuesday May 10, CE Horticulture Specialist, Heidi Kratsch, will present “Bloom Where You’re Planted” from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Carson City CE office, 2621 Northgate, #12.  If you are tired of fighting to get your plants to survive and look good and want to find out how to select plants that will thrive in Nevada’s tough conditions, come to this class. As a bonus, your landscape will attract native pollinators and insect predators that can help manage garden pests. Please let us know if you can make it by calling 887-2252 or emailing  Also, mark your calendar and reserve your spot for the June 14 class “Gain the Upper Hand on Weeds,” same time, same location. Call or email for the calendar of classes through November.

Nevada Division of Forestry Washoe Nursery will open May 12, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will be open Thursdays through Saturdays until October 15. Purchase plants (cash or checks only) for erosion control, windbreaks and food and cover for wildlife. A minimum purchase of 20 plants is required and buyers must have an acre of land. The nursery is located at 885 Eastlake Boulevard on the east side of Washoe Lake in Washoe Valley. On opening day, the nursery will have experts available to answer your technical questions including CE’s Heidi Kratsch who will offer people who buy plants a chance in a raffle to win her new book “Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West: A professional and do-it-yourself guide.” For more information on the nursery call 849-0213 or see their website: