Words from Wendy: Winter 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

Aww autumn… for most of the Great Basin area, the warm vegetable gardening season is over. Uncovered or unprotected tender crops froze the last week of September, bringing to a close this very busy year of insect and lawn diseases calls. I will admit, I don’t mind that it is time to clean up the garden and step full-swing into planning classes and activities for 2014!

2013 has been a challenging but great year for the Master Gardener program. Fortunately, nature smiled upon the September 28 Annual Master Gardener Appreciation BBQ with a beautiful partly cloudy sky and balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit weather. It was a great day of wonderful people and fantastic food.

Each year at the BBQ, I hand out the Master Gardener of the Year awards to MGs who believe in the mission of Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener Program and who volunteer in a wide variety of activities in support of the Program’s volunteers and goals. This year, I am very happy to say it was easy to identify three people who in their hearts have no problem going above and beyond for the program. The 2013 Master Gardener of the Year Award recipients are: Kathi Linehan, Glenn Slingland and Pamela Van Hoozer.

I also unveiled a new plaque at the BBQ that will hang in our Reno office in recognition of the volunteers who donate their time to our newly formed Master Gardener Program Advisory Council.

The Council mission is “to represent Master Gardeners, to improve and initiate local programs, to be advocates to Master Gardeners in and for the community and further the mission of Cooperative Extension.” This year’s Council has made great strides in providing a voice for Cooperative Extension and our programs. They delivered a nice presentation at our last potluck encouraging people to enter volunteer hours into the database, and they asked those who need help with the database to phone them at home. I don’t know how to say thank you enough to our Council.

Want more volunteer hours? Keep an eye on your email! The 2014 MG class orientation is in November, and the fall Home Show is just around the corner. There is still time to earn hours before the deadline of December 31. Please be vigilant about putting your hours into the database. The hours are critical to demonstrate our impact on the community.

As this is our last 2013 newsletter, I now invite you all to take time to look back on the growing season and the year, and to start jotting down New Year’s resolutions, especially if they have anything to do with gardening. Next year, make a point to try a new vegetable variety or add a new flower into the landscape, maybe you will find inspiration from our new Penstemon demonstration garden at the Reno office.

Photos by Master Gardener Shelley DeDauw