Words from Wendy: Fall 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

Aphid on Western Salsify. Photo by Wendy Hanson Mazet.
Aphid on Western Salsify. Photo by Wendy Hanson Mazet.

Summer is here and so is its heat! Temperatures hit the 90’s and gardens went into full swing in May. Since then, we’ve had a wonderful growing season with gardens full of busy bees and an incredible amount of clients in the county offices!

Heidi’s spring Microscopy Principles class for new MGs and their mentors helped volunteers hone microscope and plant diagnostics skills just in time for the instant busy season caused by so many insect and plant problems coming into the office lately.

So far, we’ve had few calls about earwigs, last year’s #1 problem, and instead are hearing lots and lots about aphids of all shapes, colors and sizes! The evil cool-season crop enemy, leaf miners, have also been a problem.

We had lines of clients with plant questions and samples in every Western Area office (Washoe, Douglas and Carson City) one week this month. Unfortunately, we lacked volunteers to help on several of those days. We now need all of the phone and office volunteers we can get! To help with that, I put out a plea at the Reno potluck for more volunteers.

I would like to thank all of you who have been coming in and who have answered my plea for help. Here are all of the MGs who have helped in the Reno office for the first half of 2013:

Deborah Barone, Linda Cavanagh, Tricia Cole, Shelley DeDauw, Tricia Demeritt, Kris S. DeRose, Leslie Edgington, Mary Engstrom, Lisa Fideli, Muriel Giorgi, Helen Godfrey, Bonnie Grellman, Beth Heggeness, Kathleen Heller, Lisa Hopman, Anne Hubbell, CC Klotz, Bill Kositzky, Judi Kleidon, Don Kurzman, Ginny Lewis, Kathi Linehan, Lorreta Low, Jack Marsh, Liz Morrow, Carol Ort, Kristine Paneilinan, Kathy Randolph, Risa Ronan, Glenn Slingland, Marjee Smith, Virginia Smith, Anisha Stephens, Pamela Van Hoozer, Nancy Whitney, and Kathy Woodard. Thank you all so much!

I have much more to share with you and little space left here on the front page, so please visit the Master Gardener Program Advisory Council website at www.mgpac.org to read more MG program news and updates.

Until next time, I hope you and your garden are both doing well and HAPPY GROWING!