Strawberry Plant Sale


UPDATE: Orders opened on April 6 and closed on April 14.

Photo by David R. Tribble.
Photo by David R. Tribble.

Due to the space requirements of ongoing research at the University, the Master Gardener program did not receive the amount of greenhouse space at the University of Nevada, Reno Valley Road Greenhouse Complex that is needed to hold a full plant sale. With the space we have, we have decided to get creative and do what we can to provide plants to the public while raising funds for our program. This year, we are holding an Online Strawberry Plant Sale!

  • Plant Pick Up Date: April 16
  • Plant Pick Up Time: 10 a.m.
  • Plant Pick Up Location: 4955 Energy Way in Reno
  • Plant List: 5 varieties of Day-neutral, Ever-bearing Strawberries will be offered for sale: Mara Des Bois, Evie 2, Sweet Ann, San Andreas and Seascape.
  • Pricing: Only $2 a pot for 2 plants!

Planting Tips: Remember to acclimate your strawberry plants to the outdoors slowly. Protect them from intense heat and winds for a few days prior to planting.

DO NOT plant your strawberries with the bioplastic pot intact around the roots.

Planting depth is really important for strawberry plants – planting too deep can smother the growing tip at the crown; planting too shallow can expose the upper roots to the air and cause drying. Spread the roots down and outward in the hole so none are bent. Backfill the hole with soil, press to remove air pockets and water to settle the soil. Plants should be spaced 12 to 15 inches apart.

Bioplastic Pot Tips:

  • PLANT IT! Break your bioplastic pot into pieces and plant them in the hole with your strawberries.
  • COMPOST IT! Check out this bioplastic pots information sheet to see how long it will take for your bioplastic pot to decompose in compost.
  • REUSE IT! You can wash the pot and reuse it for other plantings until it’s time to compost it.
  • THROW IT AWAY! Please don’t. Consider one of the above uses.