Rules of the Road

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Dr. David Thain and Staci Emm are quoted in this Edible Reno-Tahoe article about the journey local food producers face when they want to sell their products locally.

Interest in local food is higher than ever before and small-scale poultry operations are flocking to meet the demand. However, with complex federal, state, county, and even city oversight, the farm-to-market route is circuitous at best for local producers who want to sell their meat at farmers’ markets or to restaurants and grocery stores.

“Sometimes it seems like small farmers have all the odds against them,” says Polly Triplat, director of Slow Food Lake Tahoe, a group that promotes and advocates wholesome, clean, and local food. Triplat, after research and discussion with key officials, believes that regulatory agencies may be slowly but surely reevaluating existing laws.

Still, many small farmers — especially those in Nevada — are confounded by the regulations, which they say are inordinately strict and inflexible.

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