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There are a lot of opportunities to learn about gardening here in Nevada! Below is a calendar of some of those events. To view only official University of Nevada Cooperative Extension events, use the filter drop down box and select the category “UNCE Events.”

Green Industry Training @ UNCE Cooperative Extension
Feb 1 @ 9:00 am – Mar 1 @ 12:00 pm

Cost- and Time-Efficient Education

Green Industry Training is a series of entry-level classes in topics important to the green industry. Participants can enroll in individual classes at a cost of $15 per class, or they can enroll in the entire course for a discounted cost of $80.

Companies enrolling 2-5 employees for the full course receive $10 off per student. The discount increases to $15 off per student when 6+ employees from the company are registered.

Fees include course materials, certificates of attendance, refreshments and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Pesticide Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Course fees also support Green Industry Continuing Education Series classes, which are held year-round as needed.

Classes are taught by Cooperative Extension and Nevada Department of Agriculture staff and local industry professionals, and are held at the Cooperative Extension office in Reno, 4955 Energy Way, just off Rock Boulevard.

Class Schedule:

  • 2/1: Plant Disease Basics*^ Shouhua Wang, Nevada Department of Agriculture
  • 2/6: Pruning Landscape Plants* with Leslie Lyles, Stewardship Horticultural
  • 2/8: IPM & Pesticide Safety*^ with Melody Hefner, Cooperative Extension
  • 2/13: Soils, Potting Mixes & Fertilizers* with Heidi Kratsch, Cooperative Extension
  • 2/15: Sustainable Turfgrass Management*^ with Wendy Hanson Mazet, Cooperative Extension
  • 2/20: Landscape Water Management* with Heidi Kratsch, Cooperative Extension
  • 2/22: Insect Identification*^ Jeff Knight, Nevada Department of Agriculture
  • 2/27: Noxious Weeds & Weed Law^ with Sean Gephart, NDA
  • 3/1: Green Industry Training Exam (optional)

* ISA CEUs have been requested for this class.
^ Pesticide Applicator CEUs have been requested for this class.

Gardening In Nevada: A Bartley Ranch Series @ Bartley Ranch Regional Park
Feb 6 @ 6:00 pm – Mar 27 @ 8:00 pm

Must-attend classes for Northern Nevada gardeners

Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series are free classes cosponsored by Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. These classes are held yearly in February and March at Bartley Ranch (600 Bartley Ranch Rd.) in Reno. Taught by Certified Master Gardener volunteers and UNCE horticulture experts, these classes are a must-attend for Nevada gardeners. Class topics vary by year according to the needs of the local community. Examples of classes taught are:

    • Selecting and Caring for Fruit Trees
    • Training and Pruning Fruit Trees
    • The Keys to Successful Vegetable Gardening


  • 6: Selecting & Caring for Fruit Trees* — Michael Janik, Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will take you on a journey from winter through fall and discuss fruit tree needs in northern Nevada including soil, USDA zones and chill hours, watering and pest control. Michael will list suggested fruit varieties he has grown and varieties he is growing now to determine suitability for our climate.
  • 13: Is This the Right Tree?* — Rod Haulenbeek, Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will guide you in identifying and selecting trees and shrubs for your landscape. He will discuss how to combine plant characteristics and your needs to get the best fit. The class will help you make the hard decisions like choosing between a Colorado Blue Spruce that can grow to over 50 feet or a still beautiful Bakeri Blue Spruce that only grows to 12 feet. Come explore the vast options for our area from someone who truly knows the trees that do well here.
  • 20: Identifying & Controlling Nuisance Weeds — Melody Hefner, Cooperative Extension Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Coordinator, will present information on the differences between noxious and nuisance weeds, how to identify common noxious and nuisance weeds in the Truckee Meadows and control methods for noxious and nuisance weeds. Control methods will include prevention, cultural controls, mechanical controls and lower risk chemical controls.
  • 27: Gardening is a Full Contact Sport — Dale Hildebrandt, Master Gardener Volunteer, Certified Arborist and Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator, will focus on ways to make our gardening experience less painful. Gardening sometimes feels like going up against a professional football team. “My knees hurt, and I can hardly stand up;” “I didn’t know rose bushes were carnivorous;” “I pruned my finger instead of the tree; “I got tackled by the rabbit fencing;” and “my string trimmer is throwing rocks at me.”  We all have stories.


  • 6: Training & Pruning Fruit Trees*— Michael Janik,  Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will present fruit tree pruning basics and how trees respond to pruning. Michael will discuss size control using appropriate rootstocks, how proper early training reduces the need for pruning as the tree matures and when to prune. Step by step instructions for training fruit trees as central leaders, open center and espaliers will embolden the novice pruner.
  • 13: Choosing the Right Tomato for You  — Pamela Van Hoozer, Master Gardener Volunteer, will discuss selecting tomatoes as she knows this can be a daunting task. Considerations include size, taste, texture, color, seed type, days to maturity, disease resistance and growth habit. You will have the chance to explore varieties to help you make a good choice for success and abundance in your custom tomato garden.
  • 20: Gourmet Gardening — Whitney Lauren, Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, will discuss growing herbs in your garden, landscape and in containers. Learn what edible flowers grow well in the Truckee Meadows and how herbs and showy edible flowers can add flavor, nutrition and variety to meals.
  • 27: Successful Vegetable Gardening — Randy Robison, Master Gardener Volunteer, will share his secrets to harvesting abundant, award-winning produce from raised garden beds in our high desert climate. He will share information about amending the soil to help plants, crop rotation strategies to increase yields and companion planting to discourage pests.
Grow Your Own, Nevada! @ UNCE Cooperative Extension
Apr 3 @ 6:00 pm – Apr 26 @ 8:00 pm
Grow Your Own, Nevada! @ UNCE Cooperative Extension | Reno | Nevada | United States

Learn the secrets of high desert gardening
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-8 p.m.
April 3 – April 26

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is offering eight “Grow Your Own, Nevada!” classes statewide to help Nevadans who want to get on a path to more sustainable, local, healthy living by growing and preserving more of their own food.

“Anyone can become a better gardener by attending these classes,” Cooperative Extension Horticulture Specialist Heidi Kratsch said. “From the beginner to the advanced gardener, everyone can benefit from a Grow Your Own, Nevada! class.”

The workshops will provide gardeners and those interested in growing healthy foods with a “back-to-the-basics” guide to great harvests in Nevada.


Topics to be announced.