• Master Gardener Volunteer Hours Policy: How many hours do you need to certify or re-certify? What activities qualify as volunteer hours? Do I need to be fingerprinted? Read this policy to find the answers to these questions and more!
  • Master Gardener Working With Children Policy: Master Gardeners have many fulfilling opportunities to work with children in our communities. Learn what is required of a Master Gardener Volunteer before he/she is able to work with kids.


  • Phone and mail: Read more about how you are expected to answer the phones, return calls, leave messages and mail publications. Also included on this page are tips for handling specific types of calls. What do you do if someone wants a mushroom identified? Is a client asking for advice on how to kill frogs or toads? Don’t panic! These procedures give you step-by-step instructions you can use as you get used to volunteering in the office.
  • Insect Samples: Eww! A bug! Now what? Read our Master Gardener Volunteer Procedures: Insect Samples page to learn what to do when a client brings an insect to the counter.
  • Plant Diagnostics: What to do when a customer brings a sample of a plant problem to the counter and it may be a disease.
  • Fact Sheets: In the Reno office, we go through copies of fact sheets fast. If you’re in the drawer and you notice we’re low on something, or if it’s a slow day and you do a fact sheet inventory, you can go ahead and make copies for us! As we’re doing more with less and less due to budget cuts, when Master Gardeners step up and help with projects such as these, it really makes a difference! The fact sheets procedure page will give you basic information to help you make copies. Where are the fact sheet original masters? the paper? Which copier should I use? etc.