Master Gardener Plant Faire Extravaganza


Program Description:

Every year, Master Gardener volunteers grow from seed tons of different plants in a UNR greenhouse. When the plants are big and happy, usually the third Saturday in May, the Master Gardeners open up their plants for sale to the public. All funds raised by the Master Gardener Plant Faire Extravaganza help to support the Master Gardener program.

2016 Master Gardener Plant Faire Extravaganza

Due to the space requirements of ongoing research at the University, the Master Gardener program did not receive the amount of greenhouse space at the University of Nevada, Reno Valley Road Greenhouse Complex that is needed to hold a full plant sale. With the space we have, we have decided to get creative and do what we can to provide plants to the public while raising funds for our program. This year, we are holding a Strawberry Plant Sale!

Date: April 16
Time: 10 a.m.
Location: 4955 Energy Way in Reno

Plant List and Pricing

5 varieties of Day-neutral, Ever-bearing Strawberries will be offered for sale: Mara Des Bois, Evie 2, Sweet Ann, San Andreas and Seascape.

Only $2 a pot for 2 plants!