Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series

Must-attend classes for Northern Nevada gardeners

Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series are free classes cosponsored by Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space, Washoe County and University of Nevada, Reno Extension. These classes are typically held yearly in February and March at Bartley Ranch (600 Bartley Ranch Rd.) in Reno on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. Taught by Certified Master Gardener volunteers and Extension horticulture experts, these classes are a must-attend for Nevada gardeners. Class topics vary by year according to the needs of the local community.

The 2021 class series will be offered remotely via Zoom only.  Register for classes by clicking the class date below!

2021 Zoom Class Topics


  • Feb. 2nd – Selecting & Growing Fruit Trees: Michael Janik, Washoe County Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will take you on a journey from winter through fall and discuss fruit tree needs in northern Nevada including soil, USDA zones and chill hours, watering and pest control.  Michael will list fruit varieties he has grown and currently growing to determine suitability for our climate. (ISA CEU’s have been requested)
  • Feb. 9th – Container & Indoor Gardening: No yard? No problem. Winter and year round harvest in Northern Nevada? Yes! Washoe County Master Gardener Coordinator Rachel McClure will discuss the in’s and out’s of container and indoor growing for year round food production indoors. This talk will help you set realistic goals and see the possibilities.
  • Feb. 16th – Beekeeping: 10 Lessons Learned in the First Year:  Douglas County Extension Educator Lindsey Chichester will discuss what she has learned through trial and error, and provide suggestions/advice to others who may be interested in keeping honeybees. “Keeping honeybees may not be for everyone, and that is ok,” says Chichester. “There are so many more things people can do with the byproducts, such as wax items, art, jewelry, and more.” Additionally, Chichester will talk about future plans for expanding her program – despite a pandemic.
  • Feb. 23rd – Perennials in the Garden: Washoe County Master Gardener Volunteer Georgette Porter will show you how to have perennial flowers in your garden year after year. From the common to the unexpected, Georgette will talk about the rewards of planting perennials in our high desert environment.


  • Mar. 2nd – Training & Pruning Fruit Trees: Michael Janik, Washoe County Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will present fruit tree pruning basics and how trees respond to pruning. Michael will review size control using appropriate rootstocks, how proper early training will reduce the need for pruning as the tree matures, and when to prune. Step-by-step instructions for training fruit trees as central leaders, open center, and espaliers which will embolden any novice pruner. (ISA CEU’s have been requested)
  • Mar. 9th  – Gardening is for the Birds: Would you like attract more feathered visitors?  Washoe County Master Gardener Volunteer Suzanne Adams will focus on which plants encourage wild birds to visit and perhaps make homes in your garden.  Plants provide food and habitat for many migratory birds as well as those who stay in the area year round.  Some of the more common birds will be identified along with their preferred plants for both diet and homes. Discussion will focus on techniques to keep these attractive plants healthy.
  • Mar. 16th – Insect Pests of the Vegetable Garden: Melody Hefner, Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator, will discuss identification and integrated pest management (IPM) for common insect pests of the vegetable garden. IPM measures include prevention, cultural controls, sanitation, mechanical/physical controls, biological controls and chemical controls. Early identification of insect pests and implementation of pest control plans can greatly reduce insect pests in your vegetable garden.
  • Mar. 23rd – Native Plants in the Landscape: Unlike many non-native plants, native plants introduced into landscape plantings are hardy, less susceptible to pests and diseases, and unlikely to escape and become invasive. Join Dr. Heidi Kratsch and learn about the great variety of plants native to our region and options that will work in any type of garden design.
  • Mar. 30th – Successful Vegetable Gardening: Randy Robison, Washoe County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, will share his secrets to harvesting abundant, award-winning produce from in-ground and raised garden beds in our high desert climate. Randy will share information about amending the soil to help plants thrive, the importance of crop rotation, and strategies to increase yields. Plus, companion planting benefits and how to discourage unwanted pests.

Persons in need of special accommodations or assistance must call or notify Rachel McClure at 775-336-0274 or at least three days prior to the scheduled class.