Green Industry Continuing Education Series


“The more you know, the more you grow!”

Program Description:

Green Industry Continuing Education Series is a new offering of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. Its goal is to provide current, accurate and useful information to Nevada’s green industry in a way that respects green industry members’ fast-paced schedules.

Informational sessions are one-hour, provide valuable information, and Continuing Education Units and are offered only on topics relevant to YOU.

To suggest a topic, email Heidi Kratsch, Northern Area Horticulture Specialist at

 Detailed Program Information:

  • 2018 GICES
    • April: Tree Walk
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • November
    • December
  • 2017 GICES
  • 2016 GICES
    • March: Synthetic Turf in Every Venue
  • 2015 GICES
    • January: Tree Insect and Disease Identification
    • August: Invasive Species Refresher
  • 2014 GICES
    • February: Fruit Tree Pruning
    • March: The Evolving History of Pesticide Use
    • April: New Plant Materials for Spring
    • July: Tree Pollarding– What is it and how to do it right
    • August: Proactive Management in Forest Stands
    • September: Unmanned Aircraft: Considerations for Forest Management, Commercial and Research Use
  • 2013 GICES
    • March: Soils and Compost Contamination: Is it an Issue for Landscapers?
    • May: Pruning Flowering Shrubs
    • June: Dealing with Insect Pests of Our Urban Forests
    • July: Overcoming Productive Limitations in Nevada’s Soils: the importance of pH, salts and organic matter
    • August: Chainsaw Safety
    • September: New Insect Pests for Nevada
    • October: Clinical Overview and Case Studies of Plant Diseases and Other Problems
    • November: The Wilbur D. May Botanical Garden: More than just a pretty place
    • December: Evaluating the Utility of Pinyon and Juniper Derived Biochar as a Soil Amendment to Improve Urban Tree Survival
  • 2012 GICES
    • January: Proposed Changes to Truckee Meadows Water Rights
    • February: Turfgrass Management
    • March: Natural Enemies: Beneficial Insects
    • April: Strategies for Identifying and Managing Spring Weeds
    • May: The Caughlin and Washoe Fires: Bark Beetle Infestations
    • June: Utility Pruning of Trees
    • July: Tree Risk Assessment (TRACE): Professional Responsibilities and Liabilities
    • August: Pesticide Damage to Landscapes: Avoid Unintended Consequences
    • September: Herbicide Resistance: Recent Issues With Resistance to Glyphosate (Roundup) and 2,4-D
    • October: Tree Canopy Assessment
    • November: Disease Concepts and Tree Diseases of Northern Nevada
  • 2011 GICES
    • April: Plant Diagnostic Lab: Diagnosing Plant Health Problems
    • May: Early Season Common Weed Identification
    • June: Pest Alert! Invasive Beetles
    • July: Tree Risk Assessment
    • August: Common Summer Weeds
    • September: Identification of Common Shrubs
    • October: Tree Coffins
    • November: Boron-tolerant Woody Plants