Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series


Must-attend classes for Northern Nevada gardeners

Gardening in Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series are free classes cosponsored by Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. These classes are held yearly in February and March at Bartley Ranch (600 Bartley Ranch Rd.) in Reno. Taught by Certified Master Gardener volunteers and UNCE horticulture experts, these classes are a must-attend for Nevada gardeners. Class topics vary by year according to the needs of the local community. Examples of classes taught are:

  • Selecting and Caring for Fruit Trees
  • Training and Pruning Fruit Trees
  • Rose Care and Selection
  • Raising Small Livestock in an Urban Environment
  • The Keys to Successful Vegetable Gardening

2017 Gardening in Nevada

All classes will be held Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. at Bartley Ranch Regional Park in Reno.

  • February
    • 7: Selecting and Caring for Fruit Trees*— Michael Janik, Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer and Certified Arborist, will present the secrets to selecting and planting fruit trees. The orchard owner will also cover fruit tree care, including yearly maintenance, climate and soil considerations, and fruit tree pest and disease management.
    • 14: Four Seasons of Interest— Wendy Hanson Mazet, Cooperative Extension Horticulturist and Master Gardener Coordinator, will discuss bringing both texture and color into the landscape by incorporating bulbs, perennials and shrubs into your existing space.
    • 21: Attracting Native Pollinators— Pawl Hollis, owner of Rail City Garden Center, will teach gardeners the basics of identifying, attracting and housing a diverse array of native pollinators in the garden and landscape. Learn about orchard mason bees, their unique homes and how they and other native species can help with pollination and bountiful harvests in the home landscape.
    • 28: Be Ember Aware*— Ed Smith, Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Specialist and Living With Fire Program Coordinator, will discuss home and landscape features vulnerable to embers. The most common reason why homes are destroyed during wildfire is because windblown embers produced by the fire land on something easily ignited. Reduce your home’s wildfire threat with fire-safe landscape tips from an expert.
  • March
    • 7: Training and Pruning Fruit Trees*— Michael Janik, Certified Arborist and Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, will go over fruit tree pruning basics and how trees respond to pruning. Learn how to train and maintain healthy, beautiful and productive trees. Appreciate the art of espalier. Understand production pruning of fruit trees, how and why to thin fruit trees and how to restore neglected trees.
    • 14: Composting—Some Like It Hot*— Heidi Kratsch, Cooperative Extension Horticulture Specialist, will present information about the most efficient and safe composting method— hot composting. Explore a variety of composting set ups. Learn the dos and don’ts to adding materials to the compost pile, maintaining the pile’s temperature and turning it. Learn about the ecosystem of compost piles. Find out how to tell when compost is ready to use and how finished compost improves soil, which in turn helps plants.
    • 21: Spice it Up with Tomatoes & Peppers— Pamela Van Hoozer, Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, will discuss custom picking tomatoes and peppers to spice up your garden. She’ll dish up information on rare and heirloom varieties, colors and flavors, seeds and starts, where and how to purchase, and more!
    • 28: Successful Vegetable Gardening— Randy Robison, Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, will share his secrets to harvesting abundant, award-winning produce from raised garden beds in our high desert climate. He will share information about amending the soil to help plants, crop rotation strategies to increase yields and companion planting to discourage pests.

To view information on past Gardening in Nevada programs, visit the program pages below.


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