Gertrude’s Garden Growing Strong: A Photo Essay by Christy Chamberlain

In the Winter 2011 edition of the Master Gardener Newsletter, Master Gardener Christy Chamberlain detailed her experiences being a part of the Douglas County Master Gardener volunteer force which helped revitalize Gertrude Dangberg’s once-prizewinning flower garden. Below are some of her gorgeous photos which illustrate the effect of Master Gardener volunteers on the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park.

Violas planted from seed bloom along the south side of the stone cellar in May 2011. Photo by Christy Chamberlain.
Tulips flourished in the main garden bed, peaking in May 2011. Photo by Christy Chamberlain.
Thanks in part to Master Gardeners, Gertrude Dangberg's peonies are again thriving. Photo by Christy Chamberlain.
The red brick of the garage building provides a striking contrast to one of several delphinium plants. Photo by Christy Chamberlain.

Christy Chamberlain put 75 hours into Gertrude’s Garden and other gardening projects at the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park this year (2011).

For information on volunteering at the park, or to make tour reservations, call (775) 783-9417 or visit