Collis Ranch Offering Pork Shares

We have pork shares available, starting with our May/June harvest. Get your order in today to get the best price on local fresh grown pork. Whole Share $625 Half Share $350 A half share is approximately 75 to 80 lbs and a whole share is approximately 150 to 160lbs of meat.The share is broken down into four harvests over the year. Every quarter we delivered a box of meats cuts to Reno, Sparks and Carson City. Each box will contain a selection of freshly butchered pork cuts from the following list. Pork chops, ham, ham steak, ham hocks, bacon, spare ribs, ground pork, etc. Call us at 775-297-4468 or email for more info. With the increase cost of feed and fuel our fall prices are going to be higher so get your order in today!