How can I be more ember prepared?

Embers race ahead of Nevada wildfires, carried by the wind. When they land on structures or landscapes, they can start new fires. To reduce the ember threat to your home, consider taking the following steps, suggested by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Carson City/Storey County Extension Educator JoAnne Skelly in her article “Ember Prepared“:

  • Replace wood shake roofs with fire-resistant types.
  • Plug openings in roof coverings and cover attic, eave and foundation vents with 1/8 –inch mesh or install new vent types designed to prevent ember entry.
  • Keep rain gutters free of plant debris.
  • Routinely remove plant debris such as branches and needles from the roof.
  • Replace plastic skylights with types constructed with double-pane tempered glass.
  • Install an approved spark arrester on chimneys.
  • Replace single-pane windows with multiple-pane tempered glass types.
  • Replace wood mulches with noncombustible types and remove plant debris, including dried grass and flowers, dead leaves and branches from flowerbeds next to the house, other buildings and next to wooden fences and decks.
  • Replace ornamental junipers with low-growing deciduous shrubs or flowers under irrigation.
  • Maintain wooden fences in good condition and create a noncombustible fence section or gate next to the house for at least five feet.
  • Move firewood stacks and scrap lumber piles at least 30 feet from the house or other buildings.