CABNR Field Day

Nevada Field Day is a University of Nevada, Reno event where the entire family can experience everything from food sampling to fun hands-on activities in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, nutrition and more. Held Sept. 30, the event is organized by the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. The event will be held at Main Station Field Lab, 5895 Clean Water Way in Reno.

Nearly 670 people attended Field Day last year, and I’ll bet you want to know why. Well, Field Day is not only a chance to see current research at the University and get connected with outreach programs, but it is also jam-packed with free activities, engaging exhibits and great food.

For gardeners, the Master Gardener and Grow Your Own, Nevada! booths are must-sees. Our experienced Master Gardeners will be available to answer questions about plants and insects, provide research-based horticulture information and tell you about upcoming events and classes at Cooperative Extension. Next to the Master Gardeners, you will find the Grow Your Own, Nevada! booth. There, you will get the chance to pick topics for the spring series, as well as get signed up for the last few classes of the fall series.

If you are bringing the kiddos, you have to stop by Cooperative Extension’s 4-H, Nutrition and Living With Fire booths.

This year, 4-H will be doing ‘Drone Discovery,’ a National Science Day Experiment, where kids will get the chance to make airplanes with microcameras attached to learn about drones and how we use them. 4-H Clubs will have live animals and the opportunity to get your child connected with a local club in a variety of topics.

Located near 4-H, Cooperative Extension’s nutrition education booth will offer activities where your children can learn about food groups, healthy drinks and possibly get some free items from the program’s giveaways.

Ember House 3.0, created by the Living With Fire program staff, is a fun, educational activity for children to learn about the ember threat. While the kids play, you can gather researched-based information to help you prepare your home and family for wildfire.

And that’s just what Cooperative Extension has to offer at Nevada Field Day. As you meander through the rows at the event learning about University research and community outreach programs, you will get the chance to make Lilliputian Garden Necklaces with live plants and take a tour of Main Station Farm. You will also have the opportunity to purchase plants from the University’s greenhouses and fresh produce from the Desert Farming Initiative’s farmers market.

Starting to see why so many people attended this event last year? We encourage you to attend Nevada Field Day this year and see what it’s all about. You may be surprised to find out how much the University has to offer you in your home, workplace and community.

Jenn Fisher is the Washoe County Master Gardener program assistant with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. To find out more about Nevada Field Day visit, Garden questions? Ask a Master Gardener at 775-336-0265 or, or visit