Adopt A Vine: Summer 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

text by Joseph Bernardo
photos by Bill Kozitsky

For all you Master Gardeners who would like to hone your skills on the fine art of growing grapes and turning them into great wine, listen up. Here at UNR, there is a vineyard that has grown for the past decade and has produced a good variety of grapes and wines. Grapevine cultivation and wine-making have been going on for over five thousand years now. Early writings have been fount on the tombs of Pharaohs in Egypt. Well, here in Reno, Grant Cramer has enacted a program where you can have some vines assigned to you for your taking care of and then you can use their winery to process the wine and it’s yours. In the process, you will learn the basics of growing a vineyard without the expense or risk, This is an old and ongoing winery. You will learn how to prune, thin, weed, amend the soil and cull fruit, and then you’ll learn the process of turning the grapes into wine. I have been working with the winery since 2000 and have really enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures (by fellow MG Bill Kozitsky) to give you some idea of what I am talking about.