Master Gardener Volunteer Management System

Beginning in January of 2012, all Master Gardeners assigned to the Western Area Master Gardener Program Coordinator, Wendy Hanson Mazet, will be asked to enter their own Master Gardener volunteer hours into an online system called VMS (Volunteer Management System).

By participating in this online system, Master Gardener volunteers will be able to accurately and instantly track their process toward certification and recertification; view photo galleries, events, newsletters and other documents online at any time; create and maintain a profile which may allow other volunteers to interact with them and more!

Volunteers will also be helping us conserve time and resources. By moving away from paper timesheets, we will use less paper here in the office. This will help us as we stretch our limited funding to get us through these hard budget times. Discontinuing paper timesheets also helps us to use our limited space more wisely. Tracking over 300 volunteers each year can create quite a paper trail! And last, but definitely not least, through volunteers willing to enter in their own volunteer time, hundreds of hours every year of Ashley’s and Wendy’s time will be freed up. Instead of spending it on data-entry, they will be able to spend it in more meaningful and impactful ways as they nuture the Master Gardener program.

Below is a presentation which walks volunteers through the process required to obtain a login, log in for the first time and change profile settings. More presentations and in-person training sessions will be provided.