A Reading Recommendation: Summer 2013 Master Gardener Newsletter

by Judi Kleidon

Picture of magazine covers.
Gardening book recommendations are plenty, but here is a magazine recommendation for that “just right” garden reading experience: www.hortmag.com. Photo by Judi Kleidon.

Well, from time to time we have had folks recommend various books for Master Gardeners to enjoy. I’ve spent plenty of time in the office going through various books in the library while waiting for folks to come in or call. That time has provided me with knowledge of books to form my own library at home. So, any recommendations about reading material are always welcome.

This time I’m going to make a switch…I’d like to recommend a magazine to you. Now, over the years I’ve subscribed to various gardening magazines. Some I’ve found to be centered on gardens and garden problems of the East Coast. Others have been overly simple and not very interesting. And some have been almost too technical. Like Goldie Locks – some have been too hot and some have been too cold but one has been just right.

For the past couple of years I have subscribed to Horticulture magazine. And it is one I read from cover to cover and then save for future reference. This one I don’t give away.

This past summer issue, for example, covered such topics as leaf shapes, edible gardening – asparagus, insect ID, and garden visits. The fall issue included an article on humus, edible gardening – cover crops, plant profiles focusing on the color lime, more garden visits, and an article on a Fall Gardening Guide (what to do to prepare for winter). In the November/December issue, they covered “Plants We Love,” award-winners for 2013, winter container gardening, and an article about harmony in the garden – repetition.

The January/February issue also contained an article entitled “Awards for Garden Excellence 2012” and featured the Springs Preserve located in Las Vegas. I’ve visited that garden which, by the way, is maintained by volunteers including our Master Gardener sisters and brothers in Las Vegas. So the magazine covers gardens across the United States and issues that apply to many localities. Each edition contains a section on questions and answers, on science matters, on edible gardening, on insect ID and on garden visits. They have a web site which is also useful – hortmag.com. Now, that should wet your appetite for this magazine.  I hope you’ll give it at least one try.