Cooperative Extension Announces 2017 Green Industry Training Certification Recipients

The 2017 Green Industry Training certification exam results are in and show our local green industry professionals employed in lawn and landscape, tree care, and grounds and park maintenance industries are qualified to provide Nevadans with nursery and landscape services. Businesses and organizations participating in one or all of the 2017 Green Industry Training program classes include:

Individuals receiving certification are:

  • Alberto Baltazar
  • America Davis
  • Asa Kennedy
  • Ashley Andrews
  • Aurora Marin
  • Becky Hickman Borda
  • Brett Worsham
  • Deb Seevers
  • Ellen Duarte
  • Helen Villarreal
  • Howard Fraser
  • Jake Mausling
  • Jason Burns
  • Juan Calderón
  • Kevin Keating
  • Mark Thompson
  • Marnie Brennan
  • Michael Warden
  • Nathan Adams
  • Nestor Garcia
  • Ronald Cox
  • Sarah Richard
  • Sarah Faye Flick
  • Tom Schuster (Dipl.-Ing.)
  • Tore K. Kjoll
  • Tracey Thibault
  • Valarie Rider